HSCS can provide support and advice on a range of Health matters, rehabilitation, hygiene and injury management.  We have access to a range of health professionals who can ensure you get the right outcome, every time.




HSCS can provide personnel to cover shutdowns, annual and maternity leave, recruitment coverage and any other personnel requirement that you might have.


If you require specialist support to complete a difficult consultation process or review we can help.  HSCS has vast experience in facilitating consultation sessions on topics such as Fitness for Work, Vehicle safety, Electronic devices in the workplace.  HSCS will partner with site personnel to ensure that these sessions can run smoothly and achieve the right outcome for all involved.




Do you have multiple contractor partners?  How confident are you that they are compliant with your systems and contract management requirements?


HSCS can conduct reviews of your contractor management, focusing on either a specific contract partner or your overall system.  Do you have an upcoming shutdown?  How confident are you that your major contract partner has all everything together to hit the ground running?  We can help by conducting a review of their systems against your contractor management system requirements.




HSCS can help review your Safety and Health Management System to ensure that you comply with both internal and external requirements.  We can conduct a gap analysis to ensure that you meet legislative requirements, if we find areas for improvement, we can help close them.


Do you have visibility over your documents, when they were last reviewed, when they are next due for review?  With extensive experience in the development and maintenance of Safety and Health Management Systems HSCS can assist with ensuring that you are compliant with both internal and external requirements.